Hair restoration Surgery Use of Mini and Micro Grafts

Hair restoration surgery

Hair restoration surgery addition to treating baldness in men and women .And micro- and mini-graft hair restoration surgery is now widely used in hair transplant repair. Because reconstructive hair restoration surgery  procedures. With the increased use of micro- and mini-grafts in connection with hair follicular grafts with a single unit  .And reconstructive hair transplant surgeries now account for approx. 8-10% of total hair restoration operations.


Due to their hair restoration surgery small size, micro- and mini-grafts have a lower metabolic requirement. Than plug-grafts and have a better survival rate than follicular units, which can be damaged during dissection. Since these grafts can successfully  grow in burnt scalp or fibroid areas. They appear to have a great promise for reconstructive hair transplant surgery.

Hair restoration surgery

The only precaution to be taken  in hair transplant surgery with  these mini and micro transplants is that .The dissect mini and microtransplants are inserted .Because  into the scalp as soon as possible after making a mucus.

Transplanting the grafts in the shortest possible hair restoration surgery time increases. The chances of the hair follicles surviving the hair transplant procedures and becoming hairy.

To speed up the aforementioned procedure for hair transplant surgery, help is taken from the assistant, who immediately inserts  a graft into the cleft as soon as it is create by the hair transplant surgeon. The knives used for surgery are so small and sharp that they leave almost no detectable scar on the scalp.


Hair transplant surgery: Restoration of facial hair


The procedure for surgery of hair transplantation to restore facial hair (eyebrows, mustache and burns) is more difficult and different. If a hair transplant surgeon cuts close to other grafts, neighboring grafts tend to “jump out” of their corresponding cuts.

In such cases, the hair transplant surgeon makes the dimples tentatively with. The implants inserted a few minutes later. Hair restoration surgery The rest of the procedure for hair transplant surgery is the same .When the hair transplant surgeon hair restoration surgery removes his needle. An assistant implants the graft with the jeweler’s tweezers.

For a successful reconstruction surgery, it is more important to restore . And The natural direction of restored hair growth than the  amount of hair. To restore beard and mustache hair loss, a hair transplant surgeon keeps his blade as flat as possible hair restoration surgery on the surface of the lip to ensure the downward direction of growth.

the hair transplant procedure is more knotty

In the eyelids, the hair transplant procedure is more knotty because the eyelids are very thin .And mobile and very adjacent to the eye. The most difficult part of  in this case is maintaining hair restoration surgery the direction of hair growth. Usually eyebrow hair is use as donor hair, and approx. 10-12 micrograms per .

Eyelids in two separate sessions of hair restoration surgery performed at intervals of approx. 8-12 months between them. Using  a curved needle to restore eyelid hair is the new hair restoration surgery innovative technique .

Because that hair restoration surgeons have begun to use to facilitate hair transplant surgery.


hair tranplatation




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